The Yardian

Multi-Functional Smart Sprinkler Controller

The Yardian

Easiest-To-Use Smart Device for Home Water Conservation

The Yardian

Multi-Functional With A HD Security Camera

The Yardian is the only smart water controller to qualify for a full complement of industry certifications

Yardian App

You have complete freedom and control to water your property where ever you are located...home, office or while on vacation, 24/7.

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Less Water, More Green

Save significant water and money with the Yardian while maintaining a green and beautiful garden.

Total Control

Use the Yardian app for better control over your garden. Set automatic smart programs or dig into the options to customize your own.

Tailored For Your Needs

Stay on top of local regulations with Yardian’s water restrictions database, which will automatically alter your watering schedule to stay compliant.

Peace of Mind

In addition to smart irrigation, Yardian provides round-the-clock surveillance of your yard, garden, or garage - all accessible from your smartphone.

Ready For The Long Haul

The Yardian comes out of the box future-proofed. Integrate Amazon’s Alexa or IFTTT for flexibility and customization, and look forward to free feature, configuration, and security updates to add even more to your Yardian.

Yardian Multi-Functional Smart Sprinkler Controller is a Smart Technology Award Winner

Smart Technology Award

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Yardian Multi-Functional Smart Sprinkler Controller with a HD Security Camera, Apple MFi Certified, EPA WaterSense Certified and UL Certified, Weather-Proof Design by Aeon Matrix.

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 ...I am glad that I found Yardian that really fits my need.... Now with Yardian, I even built a green house and am looking forward to plant more stuffs. I can check on my yard from time to time with the added security camera function. Pretty cool! The set up was easy, took me around 30 minutes to hook up and connect. Overall, it's a well designed product and would recommend my friends and family to get one for their yard!

Mcgraw, Santa Clara, California

.... I especially like how Yardian would determine how long to water based on the weather, yard size, etc. Also I get notified when someone is supposed or not supposed to be in my garage.  I would highly recommend this product to anyone who is getting a new sprinkler controller, replacing an existing sprinkler controller, wanting to save money on water bills, or just wanting to impress the neighbors ...

S.H.M., Tomball, Texas

....It's nice that the company keeps adding and enhancing their software features. I've got 2 software updates last month since my purchase....I can also save video clips triggered by motion for one day (free of charge)!  I like Yardian a lot, and I highly recommend it. It's really a "smart" device that needs no effort to set up and maintain. I am waiting for my water bill and see how much money it can save. Saving water and money would be another bonus to me in additional to the camera feature.

B. Craig, San Jose, California

We just got our new Yardian controller today. It arrived in a nicely designed package complete with simple instructions and everything we needed for installation. Using the one-page Quick Start guide, setting it up was super easy. I downloaded the app, connected to the unit and was able to easily set up watering zones and rules. It's a nice bonus that I can keep an eyeball on my garage with the included security camera. It's winter here and I haven't had a chance to actually water anything yet, but I'm looking forward to Spring when I can begin using all of the smart watering features that this product offers.

Anthony L., Westport, Connecticut

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Yardian Multi-Functional Smart Sprinkler Controller with a HD Security Camera is created by Aeon Matrix.