Major Watering Tips to Creating a Healthy and Sustainable Lawn or Garden

Major Watering Tips to Creating a Healthy and Sustainable Lawn or Garden by Aeon Matrix

by Jack Lee

Aeon Matrix wants to help you conserve and best use our most precious resource…but we also want to help you create a beautiful lawn or garden so…

Inspect and evaluate your sprinkler system annually

Research a local certified landscape irrigation auditor (CLIA) contractor to help you professionally review your system

Review your water bill

Invest and use the best sprinkler products

Understand that the best time to water is in the morning; the sun is low and temperatures are cool

Know and obey your local watering ordinances

Never water in the rain

Reduce your watering time; be sensitive to seasons and weather trends

Water your lawn in shorter segments to reduce run-offs and lack of absorption

Adjust your watering times for sunny and shady portions of your lawn

Do not over-water; water only when your plants need the moisture

Avoid misting to minimize water waste due to wind deviation

Be aware that low volume “drip” sprinkling is best

Do not water non-growing areas if you have them

Apply water directly to roots of trees and plants

Establish lawn zones by plant types

Water your property evenly

Keep water spray paths clear of growing plants or other obstacles

Choose the best plants appropriate to your local landscape

Be cognizant that mulch provides more than just appearance; it is good for drainage, improves soil nutrients and plant root development


These tips may seem like a lot to remember but, they are reasonable and common sense if you think about it. A lush lawn and a healthy garden takes effort and “love.” Aeon Matrix understands the time commitment to manage your efforts. Yardian, our smart sprinkler controller was specifically created to personally help you save time, money and most importantly, how to best use and conserve water.

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