What You Should Know about Smart Watering Systems

What You Should Know about Smart Watering Systems by Aeon Matrix

By Jack Lee

In today’s fast-paced environment, “smart” technology is becoming a catch phrase for “everything lifestyle and home.”  You can actively incorporate your life and home with smart devices that span the spectrum from smart thermostats to smart watches to smart glasses.  As technology advances, processes and routines in the home will also become more automated and smart.  The reasoning is becoming more and more apparent – smart devices decrease waste, increase efficiency and minimizes cost. 

One major area homeowners may not quite realize that has become “smart” is their watering or ”sprinkler” system.  A sprinkler system is critical to any landscape and garden because it keeps the property properly irrigated on a consistent schedule so that a homeowner does not need to remember when he/she last watered the backyard lawn or the rose bushes out front.  Today’s sprinklers have gotten much more sophisticated with the advent of smart sprinkler systems.

These smart systems offer a wide variety of advantages over traditional sprinkler systems.  Smart sprinkler systems can optimize water levels based on things such as soil moisture and weather predictions.  This is done with wireless moisture sensors that communicate with the smart sprinkler controls and help inform the system whether or not the landscape is in need of water.  Additionally, smart sprinkler controls receive local, current weather data that can help it determine when a lawn should be watered.  If you have ever returned home during a storm only to see your sprinklers spraying water, you know how beneficial this may be to your property and pocketbook.  Rather than wasting water resources and valuable money on watering your landscape you can take advantage of the natural moisture from the storm and conserve that water for another day when it is more needed. 

The advantages of these smart sprinkler systems are wide reaching.  The smart sprinkler system can clearly help you better control your landscape and irrigation needs as well as provide peace of mind that the smart system is able to make decisions independently when you may be away from home.  You may save a significant amount of money on your water bill through intelligent control and automation. Your smart sprinkler system can optimize resources so that everything gets what it needs without needless waste.  In addition, we have all seen locations in the U.S. that have experienced water shortages and droughts. We have found out the realistic way that our water resources are really more precious than gold and silver.  With smart sprinkler systems we can become better stewards of our resources which in turn promote a healthier environment.  The opportunity to dramatically save costs, have better control of our property needs and be more eco-friendly while maintaining a lush and beautiful landscape are just a few of the significant advantages a smart sprinkler system provides our homes.

Aeon Matrix, the Creator of The Yardian, the first multi-functional smart sprinkler controller. We earnestly design and create highly innovative and useful smart devices. We also provide cloud services to improve our consumers’ quality of life and their communities. (www.yardian.com)